About Us

At Yochi, we are dedicated to the lifestyle of women's fashion. For over 18 years, our mission has always been to create new and unique designs in fashion jewelry by setting new trends season after season. Our jewelry is featured in many TV shows and publications including InStyle, Elle, Lucky and People Style Watch. Everyone agrees you will always find the must have piece at Yochi.

We are a direct design and manufacturer of high fashion designer jewelry and offering the latest trends in fashion jewelry.  Our jewelry and accessories are made in here in the U.S.A from semi-precious materials and 18k gold plated brass and is 100% nickel free. Each piece is personalized and handcrafted for you by one of our artisans in New York’s fashion district and goes through complete quality control inspections. 

Born into a family of florists, Yochi spent her youth in her family flower shop. She loved working with flowers and dreamed all the time about flowers and their beauty. She always wanted to express this beauty into an art of jewelry. She moved to New York City for college and lived in Greenwich Village. The diverse fashion, style, and rush of the city influenced her to follow on her dream to make jewelry. She immediately started her jewelry business in a clothing store. Her passion for flowers and nature made her design jewelry for her customers. She is quite down to earth and always has a smile that is reflected in her work.

Yochi’s inspiration comes from nature and a woman’s lifestyle. She has been designing for over 18 years in her New York showroom. Her collections are well thought and extensive and continue to offer the latest designs in fashion. She was selected as one of the 100 designers in the Accessories the Show who has influenced the fashion industry. It is a known fact in the fashion that jewelry and accessories make the outfit and is must in every fashionista's wardrobe.

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